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Why This Equinox Instructor Loves Busy Beauty!

My name is Diana, also known as D or @dsk8154 on Instagram. I discovered Busy Beauty a few years ago, and I have been obsessed ever since! The wipes are convenient, smell excellent, and are my go-to as I embark on each day. 

Diana Smiling and Holding a Busy Beauty Face WipeFirst, let me fill you in on what my day-to-day entails. I begin my days super early in the morning. I teach fitness classes in the Boston area, at both the Equinox Precision Run Lab and btone FITNESS Wellesley. You can find me at one (but most likely both) of these places every single day. I also teach elementary schoolers. In other words, I teach fitness in the early mornings and later in the evenings, and I teach elementary schoolers in the middle of the day. You could say my schedule is jam-packed with teaching and that I am always moving – because it is! 

Frequently, I get the question: “HOW do you do it? How do you have time to work long hours while still having hobbies?” (When I am not teaching fitness classes, I’m usually cycling, going out for long runs, or engaging in some form of strength training! I also LOVE cooking Low-FODMAP recipes, playing with my puppy, and reading a good book!)

So, the answer to that question? Being completely honest, the answer is: BUSY BEAUTY. These products keep me feeling clean, fresh, and looking my best every single day. When I teach classes that involve sweating, I use their deodorant wipe for my underarms, their face wipe for my face, and their gigantic body wipe for everywhere else! My clients often joke because I will finish teaching my class and immediately start using the Busy Beauty wipes. You could say I use them in the mornings 4-5 days a week! 

On the other hand, when I am finishing up teaching and not quite ready to shower up, put my jammies on, and head to bed, I use their lavender body wipes. This wipe allows for a quick little refresh and reset, as I transition from one part of my day to the next! 

On the weekends, I usually use the wipes on Saturdays when I finish a block of teaching classes and then want to get coffee with a friend or take my dog for a walk. Sometimes, I use the wipes to freshen up BETWEEN classes, too! On Sundays, I use the wipes after teaching classes before I run errands and prep for the week ahead! Sometimes, I also use the wipes to freshen up before heading out somewhere to watch an afternoon football game. 

Diana Smelling The Good Scent Of Busy Beauty Shower Wipes

Often times, I get compliments on how good I smell! It is shocking, RIGHT?! I smell good after working out and being constantly on the move. It is all thanks to Busy Beauty. I’ve been with this company since they started off with the standard size body wipe with only one scent, so it’s been exciting to watch them add more options.

Want to know my ultimate secret weapon for having a successful, busy day without looking frazzled?! A stash of Busy Beauty wipes not only in your bag BUT ALSO in your car. Trust me – it’s worth it – and they will not go to waste! 

Stay busy, stay beautiful! 


Author Bio:

Diana Katsikaris is a fitness instructor at Equinox Precision Run Lab and btone FITNESS, as well as a Third Grade Teacher. You can follow her busy adventures at @dsk8154 on Instagram!

Your Order Makes an Impact:

At Busy Beauty, we believe that everyone has the right to personal hygiene. That’s why for every order on our website, we donate 5 body wipes to people in need through Simply the Basics, the United States’ first full-scale nationwide hygiene bank.


The author’s opinion are entirely of her own, and she is not compensated by Busy Beauty.

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