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Running Out of Time to Shower?

So maybe you forgot to set the alarm altogether, or it’s possible that you hit snooze five (ok, ten) times in a row. Either way, you’re officially late, and there’s absolutely no time for a shower.

I ran into this exact scenario just last week, and naturally, it was on the worst possible day. Let’s just say that there were $1 beers for ladies night at my fave bar and I spent $10. You can do the math there. Needless to say,  I wasn’t exactly on my A-game the next morning.

That life choice demonstrated poor planning on my part because I had a huge presentation at work the next day, which just so happened to escape my mind as my alarm continued blaring.

I’m sure your excuse for oversleeping is just as riveting and mature as mine, but let’s focus on the issue at hand here – You’ve slept away your precious shower time. Now what?

Running Out Of Time?

The solution when you have no time to shower

By the time you’ve come to your senses and sprang upright in horror, the panic has already set in. All you can do at this point is take a deep breath, bust out the essentials, and get out the door.

As you whizz around your house, make sure to change your clothes, spritz a little body mist, give yourself a quick cleaning with a face/body wipe, toss some dry shampoo on your roots, and if needed, put on a stylish headband or hat to hide the nest that’s formed on your head.

If you can’t spare the time to brush your teeth, grab a fruit or veggie as you dash out the door. Apples, blackberries, celery, and carrots are fibrous enough to clean teeth and they also kill bad breath bacteria.

In the likely event that you forgot to deodorize on your way out, grab that old bottle of hand sanitizer that’s lurking in the depths of your purse (or find a dispenser somewhere) and discretely use it on your underarms – It’ll kill bacteria and take care of any unwanted odors.

Honestly, the best thing you can do to prevent being unprepared in these kinds of situations is to plan ahead of time. Keep wet wipes, dry shampoo, a tinted moisturizer, and deodorant in your bag, that way you can run out the door and handle business once you’re en route.

Running out of time to shower?

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