Body Odor / How To Smell Good?

How To Smell Good?

Body odor really is such a sneaky, backstabbing beast sometimes. It’s like one second I’m surviving the most intense, sweaty workout without a hint of a stench, and then the next day, I’m just minding my own business at work, and BAM! Here comes some rank BO right out of left field to bombard my fragile aura with a faint oniony smell. Sound familiar? If you unexpectedly find yourself smelling like Shrek’s pillow on the regular, well, then join the club. As awful as it is to feel like a trash heap, there’s truly nothing better than the feeling of getting clean and restoring your daisy-fresh reputation once more.

As it turns out, showering isn’t the only surefire way to keep BO at bay. I get it – you’re probably like ‘yeah, sure,’ but the reality is that you can totally get clean even when showering isn’t an option. Read on to discover all the tips and tricks that will swoop in and save you on showerless days so you can be, in the wise words of OutKast, “so fresh and so clean.”

Remove Body Odor and Smell Good With These Tips!

Before you go reaching for that potent perfume bottle, think twice about your decision to mask the stench. Like it or not, the best way to tackle unwanted odors is to stop it at the source. That’s right – I mean we change what’s going wrong within first. As with most things in life, water is the cure-all elixir, and it can actually help us smell good naturally by diluting the unpleasant aromas. Also, certain pungent foods (I’m sure you can guess which ones) will exacerbate body odor, so choose what’s on your plate wisely. 

While you wait for the water and clean diet to work its magic, you may need a quick fix to your smelly dilemma. Try spritzing your closet, hairbrush, bedsheets, and shoes with a mild fragrance that will give you just a whisper of perfume rather than blasting your body with a strong musk. 

And for those days when body odor sneaks up on you, always keep deodorant and body wipes on hand. Believe me; they will save your life!

How to use Face Wipes and Wet Wipes?

Don’t Sweat It – Everybody Has Body Odor Issues

Contrary to popular belief, sweat (and the coinciding stench) doesn’t just appear to ruin our day. It actually serves an essential biological role in our ability to cool down efficiently (gee, thanks). And you know what else – This happens to literally everyone, even celebrities! 

Whether you’ve just finished running a marathon or you’re about to go on a first date with your new (hot) Hinge match, sweat shows up with the good intention of helping you keep your cool. Unfortunately, our body’s effort to lower our core temperature can result in a smelly situation that’s untimely, unwanted, and downright embarrassing.

However, without this rather unpleasant bodily function, we’d have much bigger fish to fry. You see, without sweat, our body would simply overheat (possibly leading to heatstroke *gasp*), and that’s not good for anybody. 

I know, I know – you probably still think I’m crazy for praising our perspiration, but without it, you’d be red hot, and not in a good way. I mean, let’s face it, nobody’s going after you when you’re looking like an aggravated lobster.

So, now that we’ve established how everybody deals with sweat and body odor equally, it’s time to unveil the most effective solutions to this, uh, stinky problem.

The Most Effective Solution To Body Odor

So, how do we work with this natural function and use it to our advantage? Well, if you’re totally drenched and dripping, the sweat will take forever to evaporate and cool you down anyway, so you might as well grab a body wipe and call it a day. Body wipes are the absolute best solution for on-the-go body odor management, and you’ll get that shower-fresh feeling every time. 

Although some wet wipes aren’t explicitly formulated for full body use the way that body wipes are, there’s usually very little harm in using them to tidy up when you’re in a bind.

I keep wet wipes in my car as an extra precaution and use them whenever BO threatens to ruin my good time. They also come in handy (pun intended) when I have a particularly messy lunch, or on the days I forget to put on deodorant. I’ve been (not-so-secretly) using wet wipes on my body for years and I’ve yet to hear any complaints, so I must be doing something right!

How To Smell Good?

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