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How to Stay Fresh With a Newborn

Okay, here’s the real deal. Children are beautiful gifts from above, life’s greatest blessing, blah blah – all that good stuff; however, they are not in any way conducive to our cleanliness. The real kicker is that they’re the main reason you’re so dirty in the first place. That’s why I wanted to share with you my best mom to be tips to stay fresh even when to are taking care of a newborn.

Not only do they cover you in a cocktail of bodily fluids over and over again all day, but then they cry when you set them down and try to clean yourself up. Good thing they’re so darn cute, am I right?

Luckily, I’ve discovered a few tips that helped me regain my cleanliness and my sanity. Now I’m not saying that you’re going to be able to shower every day, but you will feel a heck of a lot better. Plus, you’ll start making new mom friends in no time, and lord knows they’re not showering much either!

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How to manage to get and stay fresh with a newborn?

Now, there is a silver lining to taking shorter showers over 10-minute (or any outrageous amount of time) showers, and it has everything to do with the global need to conserve water, like gallons of water per day. Little initiatives like using a shower timer, sustainable showerheads, less energy to heat the water, or mindfully decreasing your shower time really help save water. So the next time your sitting in your own (or your baby’s) filth, remember that you’re saving gallons per minute and making a big difference in your household water usage!

Why Is It So Hard For Moms To Make Time To Shower?

Well, let’s see here – Between the round the clock feedings, fussy baby, raging hormones, crippling exhaustion, painful postpartum symptoms, and the burning desire to keep their baby safe and sound at all times (on top of all the regular daily chores, of course); Guilt-free alone time is pretty hard to come by. I was always terrified of taking a hot shower or washing my hair when my baby was a newborn. I worried that somehow, the water would splash him or that I’d have shampoo in my eyes during an emergency. It may sound crazy, but it’s all those mama bear instincts coming out!

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This Is The Real Reason Moms Don’t Have Time To Shower

It’s not even luxuriously long showers that most mothers are asking for, but like seriously, five minutes would be pretty clutch. Personally, I’d also settle for two-minute showers – Cold water, hot water, really whatever I can get. Especially in the newborn phase, taking even a moment for yourself can be a complete and utter struggle. Most babies won’t tolerate being anywhere but their mother’s arms, and also, if they do, there’s always a hundred other ‘more important’ things to get done like cook, clean, and pump (just to name a few…). Not to mention the fear that enters every mother’s heart when her baby is out of sight, even if they’re just a shower curtain away.

The Best Times of the Day to Shower When You Are a New Mum

If you’re determined to find time to take a shower, well first, more power to you, but second, the best timing is entirely dependent on your family’s rhythm. For instance, if your working with a partner, it could be wise to find the time where they could watch the baby while you spend a few quality moments with your loofa. If that means you have a moonlit shower at night and go right to bed after, it’s totally worth going to sleep with wet hair. Another trick I succeeded with was stealthily setting the baby in an age-appropriate bouncy seat or lounger during a nap. Not only could I shower in peace with my baby close by, but the sound of the water was very soothing for my little one. You may not be able to fit in a shower every morning, but at least it’s a start!

No Time to Shower, Really?

Yes, really. The hard reality for most mothers is that even two minutes is asking way too much, especially when you have to take care to look after more than one child. There literally isn’t enough time in the day for such lavish indulgences, which begs the question: How can one manage to be there for their kids while still looking somewhat presentable at the grocery store or the playground or even just around the house?

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The Solution

Believe it or not, the secret to staying clean while taking care of your baby has been right under your nose this entire time (no, it’s not the spit-up you forgot to clean off). Everything you need to keep fresh and sane is right in the one thing you couldn’t possibly leave the house without – The beloved diaper bag. It turns out this bag of wonders holds all the power to produce clean babies and put-together mommies.

Greasy hair? Toss some baby powder in your roots, give it a good tousle, and carry on with your life. Baby spit-up on your arm (or leg.. or face.. or entire body)? Grab some of those baby wipes and go to town on that nastiness. The same rule applies for diaper explosions and all the other gross things our little bundles of joy present.

Now, of course, they make adult body wipes and dry shampoo for this exact reason, but as we mothers know, leaving the house with anything other than baby gear is honestly laughable. That’s okay because when you’re in a pinch and feeling all fifty shades of motherhood realness – Your diaper bag treasures will surely do the trick.

Mom To Be Tips To Stay Fresh With A Newborn!

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