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How To Dry Shave Your Legs With No Pain

Now before you scoff and turn the other way, let me just say this: yes, you can learn how to dry shave your legs without the dreaded razor burn and inevitable shame that typically comes with it. I know, I know – it sounds crazy, but hello, it’s 2019, and about time someone figured this out!

I remember back when my mother first taught me how to shave my leg hair, and besides the absolute terror I was feeling at the thought of touching a razor to my skin, I can recall thinking: “Wow, this is a lot of time and work just to get rid of some pesky body hair!” It was right then and there that my days of youthful, leisurely bubble baths came to an end, and the acrobatic feat that is shaving in the shower began.

Beauty Doesn’t Have To Be Painful, Dry Shaving Legs Neither

Oh, you think I’m dramatic? I once nearly concussed myself trying to reach every nook and cranny in a slippery shower, without mentioning how hard it is to avoid nicks and cuts. Cue my mother saying: “Beauty is a pain, sweetheart.”

Anyways, all I’m saying is that hair removal shouldn’t be such a perilous chore, especially when you’re someone whose hair growth is off the charts. I’m serious – if I shave my legs today, there’s stubble tomorrow morning, and don’t even get me started on my bikini line where hair grows beyond what I would like.

Shaving acrobatics in the shower was actually what led to me starting Busy Beauty. When I looked on the market for a waterless shave gel, I realized that none existed, so my cofounder Michael and I set out to create a shave gel that could be used outside of the shower, with no water, but that still gave a close, smooth shave with no irritation.

Now, with my secret weapon – Busy Beauty waterless shave gel – long gone are the days of covering up in 90-degree weather because of my embarrassing, ‘cactus-esque’ legs, and now I never have to fret about the horror of underarm stubble, either!

I’m sure you’re feeling a little skeptical and have some questions, and I’m ready to lay all your worries to rest so you can experience the same freedom I have. Read on for all the deets on this revolutionary product, including why Busy Beauty’s waterless shave gel is better than any other shaving cream or gel out there – it’s so easy to use! I’ll also give you the down-low on what the possible side effects are (spoiler alert: I don’t even remember what ingrown hairs look like anymore).

Bottle of Busy Beauty Shave Gel on a Pink background

The Benefits of a Waterless Shaving Gel

There’s really no comparing Busy Beauty’s waterless shave gel to other creams and gels. It offers a silky, smooth shaving experience with added moisture that’s perfect for even the most sensitive of skin.

Take it from me – my skin hates most things that I put on it but absolutely loves this stuff. I was so skeptical because everyone knows dry shaving is a “skin sin,” but I couldn’t believe the comfortable, close shave that I got!

They use a powerful blend of natural oils to nourish and protect skin from the common woes brought on by shaving (mainly dry shaving). Ginger root oil stops inflammation and irritation in its tracks, while tea tree and clove oils prevent ingrown hairs with their antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus leaf oil is the cherry on top, which increases circulation and leaves skin glowing!

Product to dry shave the legs on pink background with pink razors

How Do I Use a Dry Shave Gel To Shave My Legs?

I’m sure at this point you’re a pro at shaving your legs perfectly with water, so you might be curious about how to shave without water. Well, here are a few shaving tips, and you will see that it’s actually even more comfortable than what you’ve grown accustomed to!

All you have to do is apply the shave gel to whatever area you’d like to shave and grab your razor of choice. No, you don’t need some high-tech waterless razor, and yes, your cheapo disposable razors will work just fine.

As you shave, the hair will collect in the back of the razor for a fuss-free finish. When you’re all done, rub the remaining gel in to moisturize and replenish your flawlessly smooth skin.

Of course, warm water and a pre-shave oil could add to the luxury of your shaving experience, but they aren’t entirely necessary! And if you’re really attached to the shaving-in-the-shower experience, this shave gel also works as an excellent traditional shave gel, as well! One last tip, you can even go beyond by doing a welcoming body scrub.

Busy Beauty Dry Shave Gel product on a pink background, with a pink razor and a mug

The Dry Shaving Legs Side Effects

If you’ve never experienced ingrown hairs and razor burn caused by a razor blade and dull blades, well, that’s nice for you. For everyone else on the planet, the struggle is so real. Aside from the sheer agony of those painful red bumps, stubble after taking the time to shave your legs is one of the most frustrating parts of being a woman.

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