Skin Care / How to Shave Your Legs Perfectly, Every. Single. Time.

How to Shave Your Legs Perfectly, Every. Single. Time.

With all the innovative products in the world today, there’s no excuse for pain, razor bumps, irritation, ingrown hairs, or razor burn after shaving. Period. So, here is the perfect method to shave your legs.

When you really think about it – We go above and beyond to preserve our largest organ when it comes to sun protection and anti-aging remedies, but if you’re skipping shave gel, you’re doing it all wrong. An incredible shave gel will not only heighten your shaving experience, but it can also be the difference between ‘show-me-off’ skin and ‘maybe-cover-up-today’ skin.

Here’s everything you need to know about shaving with a gel, and how both men and women can transform their grooming routine from a mundane chore into an empowered act of self-care. Sure, shaving is a simple practice, and I want to keep it that way, but I also want to educate you on the best tools for happy, healthy, radiant skin.

Get a comfortable shave even on a sensitive skin with busy beauty shaving gel

What Does Shaving Gel Even Do, Anyway?

Before you go hastily putting a razor to your skin, stop and think about your desired outcome. Surely it should be about much more than simply eliminating unwanted hair. I mean, being hairless is great and all, but if your skin is parched, irritated, or cut into ribbons, what’s the point?

Shave gel is all about protecting your skin, bringing you a smooth shaving experience, and preventing razor bumps, burns, and all other things red and irritated. How does it do this? Well, the gel creates a luxurious, antibacterial barrier between skin and blade which allows the razor to glide with ease.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of shaving dry, brittle hair is like nails on a chalkboard to me. That’s why I love how shave gels hydrate and soften stubble before shaving to bring a close, comfortable, cringe-free shave. Plus, the moisture doesn’t stop there – You’ll notice softer, more touchable skin after shaving too!

If your shaving game is becoming more of an art form, a gel is absolutely the way to go. It’s transparent so you can see precisely what you’re doing and never miss a spot because, let’s face it, a patchy shave job is pretty much the worst thing ever.

Lastly, and possibly the best bennie of shaving gel, is its ability to cater to all skin types! Shaving gel for sensitive skin, shave gel for men – You name it – What will really make your skin freak out is not using it at all!

Does Shaving Gel make a difference vs shaving soap?

What’s The Difference Between Shaving Cream And Shaving Gel?

Shaving gels and shaving creams shouldn’t be confused with shaving foams, which come in a can. Foam gel actually contains more air (why it’s so fluffy) and can cause trouble with getting hairs to stand upright for a pleasant shave. When it comes to creams and gels, the main difference lies in the lather. Gels tend to be fragrance-free and clear, which is ideal for shaving facial hair and sensitive skin, while creams are a rich lather designed to keep hairs standing up. Another important difference between the two is the ease at which the blade glides. Gels give the skin a slippery tactility, which guards against friction.

What About Shaving Soap vs. Shaving Gel?

No, I’m not talking about that haggard bar of soap sitting in your shower that you use for, well, everything – Shaving soap isn’t just any ordinary soap. It’s a dense product that creates a substantial lather, but unless it has a high-fat content, it runs the risk of drying your skin out before the actual shaving even commences. There’s also no denying that razors glide with much greater ease when using a shave gel.

How Long Does Shaving Gel Last?

Well, that depends on how often you plan to shave! If you shave regularly, or even reasonably regularly, you won’t have to worry about the gel expiring or anything like that. There’s actually minimal information on whether or not most beauty products expire, which would lead one to believe that as long as you plan to use it consistently, you’ll be just fine. In terms of how much you get from each purchase, some people can stretch it out for a year while others may need to sign up for a monthly subscription!

How long shaving last and can I use a brush it?

Does Shaving Gel Work With An Electric Razor?

Although you won’t get as close of a shave with an electric razor as you would with a traditional razor, you also don’t have to worry about nicks and cuts. Not all electric razors are made the same, so if you’re choosing to go down the path of electric shaving, find a water-resistant option so you can safely use a shave gel (or you can be really brave and check out our tips for dry shaving your legs).

Can I Use A Shaving Brush With Shaving Gel?

Short answer: Yes, but it’s not necessary. Gels don’t lather as creams do, so using a brush isn’t needed in that sense. If you feel a brush would help direct the hairs easier, then it wouldn’t hurt to try using a brush. You may be tasked with cleaning the brush more often, and there’s the potential for some of the gel to get trapped, but whatever it takes to get a smooth shave!

How To Shave With A Shaving Gel?

Of course, this depends on where you’re planning to shave – Shaving your face is entirely different from shaving your legs and requires some extra care. Every Man Jack recommends using their facial shave gel by simply applying to a clean, wet face, shave, rinse, and follow up with lotion. Sounds pretty easy, right? If you’re feeling extra fancy, use a pre-shave oil (there’s a ton of excellent options out there) to further hydrate and promote razor glide. Here’s my step-by-step advice for the perfect shave:

  1. Hydrate the skin and hair with water and pre-shave oil.
  2. Generously apply shaving gel.
  3. Make sure your blade is up to snuff.
  4. Shave with light, gentle strokes, and rinse as needed.
  5. Apply a moisturizer or aftershave, and voila!

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